Baby Suction Cup Spinning Top Sensory Toy 3pcs


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Introducing the Baby Suction Cup Spinning Top Sensory Toy 3pcs! This 100% new design and high-quality toy is a must-have for your little one. It serves multiple purposes and provides endless fun and learning opportunities.

During feeding time, simply stick on the dining table or wall and watch as it captures your baby's attention. By turning it, you can encourage your baby to eat obediently while keeping them engaged and entertained.

For bath time, fix the rotating brick onto a smooth wall or bathtub, give it a pull, and see it spin! This interactive feature will make your baby enjoy their bath and create delightful memories. The rotating wind leaves and cute animal shapes help soothe any uneasiness, bringing happiness and aiding quick sleep.

This toy offers various functions, including teething relief, color and number recognition, motor skills development, hand-eye coordination, and soothing effects to alleviate crying.

For ages 0-3 years.

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