Kids Wooden Educational Activity Playset - Learn Clock & Calendar


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Introducing our Kids Wooden Educational Activity Playset - Learn Clock & Calendar, a Montessori-inspired toy designed to foster cognitive development and learning in children. This educational playset offers an engaging way for kids to explore concepts of time, weather, seasons, and calendar organization. Crafted from high-quality wooden materials, it provides a durable and safe learning experience.

The playset features a clock with movable hands, allowing children to learn how to tell time. Additionally, it includes weather and season indicators, as well as a calendar to help children understand the passage of time and the organization of days, weeks, and months. This interactive toy not only promotes cognitive skills but also encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and early mathematical concepts. 


  • Weather and Season Indicators: Children can explore different weather conditions and seasons with the weather and season indicators included in the playset. 
  • Calendar Organization: The playset features a calendar that introduces children to the concept of organizing days, weeks, and months. 
  • Montessori-Inspired Design: Inspired by the Montessori educational approach, this wooden playset is designed to promote hands-on learning, independent exploration, and critical thinking skills in children. 
  • Cognitive Development: The playset aids in cognitive development by stimulating logical thinking, problem-solving, and early mathematical concepts. 
  • Age Suitability: 18 Months +

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