Magnetic Balls and Stick Building Block Set


Color: 25pcs
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Introducing our Magnetic Balls and Stick Building Block Set, a set of high-quality magnetic toy bricks designed to inspire creativity and cognitive development in children. With a 100% new design, these building blocks provide endless possibilities for imaginative play and learning.

These magnetic building blocks allow children to explore and interact with different shapes, stimulating their thinking and logic skills from an early age. From easy to challenging, the gameplay progressively cultivates cognitive enlightenment and encourages the use of imagination to build a world of possibilities.

The powerful magnetic attraction of these blocks enables them to easily connect and form various shapes, allowing for 360-degree rotation and dynamic creations. The high saturation colors and clever color matching add visual appeal to the play experience.

With 25-64 pieces in each set, this magnetic building block game comes packed in a color box for convenient storage and organization.

For ages 3 years and over.


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