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Introduce endless water play adventures with our Swimming Doll Water Play Bath Time Doll. This delightful doll is designed to make bath time and water play extra special and engaging for children aged 3 years and over. 

Featuring movable joints, this doll brings a lifelike touch to playtime. Just add batteries and this doll can simulate realistic swimming movements in the water, adding a new level of excitement and imagination to water play sessions.

Not only does this swimming doll provide endless entertainment, but it also effectively contributes to the development of children's emotions, vision, and intelligence. Through interactive water play, children can enhance their creativity, motor skills, and cognitive abilities.

Measuring at a convenient size of 33x14x9CM, this doll is perfectly suited for both bath time and pool adventures. It makes a fantastic gift for children on occasions such as Christmas Day, birthdays, Children's Day, and more.

Bring the joy of water play to your child's world with the Swimming Doll Water Play Bath Time Doll. Dive into imaginative adventures, foster essential developmental skills, and create cherished memories. 


  • Realistic Movements: This swimming doll features movable joints, allowing for lifelike movements that enhance imaginative play and make water play even more fun.
  • Simulated Swimming Action: Just add batteries and this doll can simulate swimming movements in the water, providing an interactive and engaging play experience.
  • Developmental Benefits: Designed to effectively develop children's emotions, vision, and intelligence, this toy encourages imaginative play and helps children enhance their cognitive and motor skills.
  • Safe and Durable: Made from high-quality safety plastic, this doll ensures a worry-free playtime experience and withstands frequent use in water.
  • Perfect Gift: This swimming doll is the best gift choice for children on special occasions like Christmas Day, birthdays, Children's Day, and more. Its compact size of 33x14x9CM makes it suitable for both bath time and outdoor water play adventures.
  • Battery-powered (AAA battery X3)

Swimming Dolls with Swim Action

Encouraging Kids to Learn Swimming

Learn to swim with this interactive swimming doll. It is ready with her swimsuit and swim cap to learn how to swim with you.

Help your infant learn to perceive colour and improve their hand-eye coordination by using a variety of vibrant colours. The ideal option for encouraging children to bath. Both indoor and outdoor play are ideal for it. It can play in the bathtub, the pool, the sandbox, and the beach. 

Flexible Movement

This waterproof swimming doll simulates swimming in the water

It can swing legs, do breaststroke, backstroke, and float on the water.

Its Head, arms, and legs can be twisted.

Its swimsuit can be taken off

it's a great learning tool for kids to learn how to swim while having fun!

  • Bright colours and a beautiful form will immediately capture the interest of a kid.
  • Allowing the children to enjoy bath time is ideal for baby showers and party gifts
  • This doll is small and portable, you can swim in the bathtub or swimming pool.
  • Battery-powered (AAA battery X3)

Increase the fun

  • Use the waterproof swimming doll to make swimming and bath time more fun.
  • Battery-operated swimming doll toy for kids

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